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01. Cheng-Kung Portal

02. National Cheng Kung University for Freshman Physical Examination Consent for Release of Information

II Semester Begins

01. National Cheng Kung University Course Catalog

02. Course Enrollment System

03. Student Leave Management System

04. Registrar Division Related Form

05. Application for Inter-department Course Selection

06. Course Exemption Application Form

07. Application Form for Course Selection (Specific Reasons)

08. Facilities Borrowing Application Form

III Advisor Related

01. Advisor Confirmation Form

02. Advisor Changing Application Form

03. Affidavit of Advisor Changing

IV Qualification Examination Related

01. Conference List

02. Ph.D. Program of Qualification Examination Application Form

V Proposal Related 

01. Thesis Proposal Application Form

02. Thesis Proposal Comments Form

03Thesis Proposal Revise Form

VI Degree Examination Related

01. National Cheng Kung University Operation of Postgraduate Degree Examination Online Application

02. Doctoral Dissertation Plagiarism Check Declaration

VII Graduate Related

01. Online Application System for Graduation from NCKU

02. Graduating Student Survey

03. Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Service

04. Doctoral Dissertation Plagiarism Check Declaration

05. Application for the delayed public release of thesis/dissertation​

06. NCKU IB - Application for embargo of thesis/dissertation

07. Authorization to National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan