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Final Defense

Institute of International Busines

Master Degree Examination and Thesis Defense Regulation



I. Application schedule

1. The application have to be submitted one month before the final defense.

2. Postgraduate degree (master and doctoral) final defense application deadline is January 20 for fall semester and July 20th for spring semester.


II. Online application system

Postgraduate Degree Examination Network Application



III. Required documents:

Please submit the the following documents and register the room and time of final defense to the Institute office during the application period:

1. Hard copy of “Master degree Thesis defense application” with advisor’s signature.

2. Upload “Master Thesis Plagiarism Check Declaration” and “Turnitin Report Pdf File.  

3. Upload Completion Certificate of Academic Research Ethics Education. 


IV. Important issues before the final Defense

1. Any change regarding Thesis title, date or time of the final defense or committee members have to be noticed with the Institute’s office 5 days ahead. Please fill out the “Master degree thesis defense change application” and send to the office.

2. Please pick up from the office 3 days before the Thesis Defense the following documents:

a.     “Thesis audit and transportation fees list”

b.   “Committee member invitation letter”

3. Print out “Master degree thesis defense score table” for each of the committee members.

4. Print out “Thesis certificate” for each of the committee members and give it to the members directly on the day of Thesis defense.

5. The committee members will receive “Audit subsidy” and “Transportation fee subsidy”. The fee will be transferred directly to committee member’s Post office account. Other school committee members have to provide Bank and branch code as well as the account numbers.


V. Important issues on the day of Thesis defense

1. The thesis defense need to be conducted in English.

2. Please return to the office “Score tables” and “Committee member’s Audit and transportation fee list” with committee member’s sign after completed the thesis defense.

3. The committee members have to provide the ticket stub (for airplane ticket only) in order to receive the transport subsidy.

4. Please keep the “Thesis certification” for future use.

5. Each master student will be allocated 250 NTD in order to prepare committee members’ dessert or stationary equipment needed for the thesis defense. Receipts or involves are needed in order to inquire the fund. Please ask the cashier to put the university registration number of “69115908 on the receipt so we can file for reimbursement. Please specify in receipt detail. The name of the receipts or invoices, unit price, quantity and total price have to be clearly filled.


VI. Important issues after the Thesis Defense

1. After the thesis defense and revision (if needed), please provide the “thesis certification” with advisor’s signature to the Chairman to sign.

2. Reference “National Cheng Kung Master Doctoral degree thesis format



VII. Reference

“National Cheng Kung Master Doctoral degree thesis defense regulation”