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Rules & Regulations

Institute of International Business

Rules & Regulations for Master

From Dec 29th, 2022


1. All students need to fulfill 42 credits requirement for graduation in order to apply for the final thesis defend. Student can graduate after passing the final thesis defend and the English proficiency tests

2. For students enrolled from the 113th academic year (2024 Fall Semester), New course "Seminar"  will be added to required elective courses1 in the second year of master's degree. At that time, the required elective courses1 will include Seminar Course, International Marketing Management, International Financial Management, International Human Resource Management and International Business Research Method, 5 courses for 12 credits.


2.Courses regulations
Maximum of 15 credits can be taken in each semester. Students may take 3 courses in other institutes during two years, the application for the selected courses should be submitted to the office in advance to be accredited as credits for graduation.

1) Required Course: International Business Management, 3 credits.

2) Required Elective Courses 1:

International Marketing Management, International Financial Management, International Human Resource Management and International  Business Research Method, 4 courses for 12 credits.

(For the course International Business Research Method, students should already completed the Statistics or Quantitative Methods in undergraduate study and passed with the score of 60 or above. Otherwise students must complete Fundamental Statistics in the first year.)

3) Required Elective Courses 2: Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management.

A. These 3 courses can be waived for students who have completed during undergraduate study in 1 semester (3 credits) and pass with a score of 60 or above.

B. The credits waiving application should be submitted by December 31st in the first semester.

4) Compulsory Fundamental 3 Courses: Fundamental Statistics in Business, Fundamental Accounting in Business and Fundamental Economics in Business

A. These 3 courses may be waived for students who have completed in undergraduate study in 1 semester (3 credits) and passed with a score of 60 or above, or in five year junior college study in 2 semesters (6 credits). Students who would like to apply for credits waiving should acknowledge the Institute of International Business office with the original transcript of their undergraduate for verification.

B. The credits waiving application should be submitted by December 31st in the first semester.

C. Students can also take these courses on online learning system MOOCs, but they will not be counted as part of the credits required for graduation.

D. For students who take the online courses have to take the exam at the end of the semester. If you pass the exam, you don’t have to take the courses.


3.Thesis Advisor

1)  Students must decide their thesis advisor before the end of the first semester.

2)  The thesis advisor must be a full time faculty member of Institute of International Business. If the advisor is from other institutes or a part-time instructor, he/she will need to co-advise the student with a full-time faculty member from Institute of International Business.

3)  To change advisor, students need to sign up the “Advisor Changing Application Form” and “Affidavit of advisor changing”.


4.Postgraduates' Change of Departments

1) From other departments to IB: Students should confirm the advisor and get the permission from the leader of the IB institute before the postgraduates’ change.

2) From IB to other departments: Students need to study in IB institute for one year before the application of postgraduates’ change of departments.


5.Thesis Proposal Regulations

1) Students require to pass the proposal to applying for Final Thesis Defense. Students in thesis proposal should prepare a English presentation and submit the “Thesis Proposal Application Form” to the IB office on week before the date of thesis proposal.

2) Students must have the Final Thesis Defense at least 2 months after the proposal.


6.Master Degree Final Defense

1) Students should get the permission from your advisor and submit the final defense application to the IB office one month before the final defense.

2) Students should prepare for the presentation in English.


7. Credits Waiver

Students who have been to the foreign university to study in the dual-degree system could apply for the credits waiver that courses have passed the examinations. Following the rules of “Cheng Kung University Dual-Degree system Regulation”. Student can waive up to 21 credits.


8.    English Proficiency Requirement

1) Students must pass one of the English proficiency tests listed below:

A.TOEIC – 785 or above.

B. Pass the high-intermediate level second-round test of GEPT.

C. IELTS English Language Testing 5.5 or above.

D.TOEFL paper version (PBT - Paper-based Test) 527 or above, computer-based (CBT - Computer-based Test) 197 and above, and online version (iBT - Internet-based Test) 72 and above.  

E. Select the course “Online English for Graduate Students” in the course enrollment system, and reach 70 in the final grade.

F. Students who come from English-speaking countries don’t need to provide a language proficiency certificate.

2) The English test that has been taken within 5 years before enrollment may be accepted.


9. All the regulations are designed to be in line with the Student Handbook. If any violation occurs, the regulations from the Student Handbook will be the primary guideline to be followed.