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Faculty & Staff

Chang, Shao-Chi

Job Title : Professor and  Director

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53506

Email : schang@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Financial Management, International Financial Management,

Corporate Finance, Case Studies in Finance

Research Field :

Corporate Finance, Securities Issues, Strategic Alliances,

Corporate Diversification, Mergers and Acquisitions

Prof. Chang



Chiang, Min-Hsien

Job Title : Professor, CFA, CIPM

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53511

Email : mchiang@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Financial Econometrics, Multivariate Analysis, Data Mining, 

Financial Economics, International Investments, Finanancial Management 

Research Field :

Econometrics, Investment and Corporate Finance,


Prof. Chiang


Shih, Hsi-An


Job Title : Professor

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53520

Email : hashih@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resource Management,

International Human Resource Management, Performance Management,

Organizational Behavior, Research Method for OB/HR

Research Field :

Group Process and Dynamics, Leadership, Expatriate Management,

Conflicts and Stress, Strategic Human Resource Management

Prof. Shih


Lin, Wen-Ting

Job Title : Professor

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53509

Email : wentinglin@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Organizational Theory, Family Firm 

Research Field :

International Business Management, Top Management Team,

Group Business, Family Firm

Prof. Lin


Tseng, Chiung-Hui

Job Title : Associate Professor

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53512

Email : ctseng@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

International Business Management, Theory of International Business,

Strategic Management 

Research Field :

International Diversification, Mergers and Acquisitions,

Strategic Alliances

Prof. Tseng


Kuo, Ya-Hui

Job Title : Assistant Professor

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53507

Email : yahuikuo@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Marketing Management, International Marketing Management,

Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior 

Research Field :

Consumer Decision Making, Branding Strategy,

Sensory Marketing, Consumer Financial Behavior

Prof. Kuo


Bae, So-Hyun

Job Title : Assistant Professor

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53508

Email : shbae0102@gs.ncku.edu.tw

Courses Offered :

Ethics and social responsibility in marketing

Marketing yourself,

Research Field :

Cross-cultural consumer behavior, Word of mouth behavior,

Socially responsible marketing,

Prof. Bae


Lu, Meng-Shih

Job Title : Assistant Administrator

Office Tel No. : 886-6-2757575#53505

Email : anitalu@mail.ncku.edu.tw