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Graduation and Leaving School Procedure

Institute of International business

Graduation and leaving school procedure


1. The Certificate of Oral Defense must be signed and confirmed by the department Chairman and supervisor after passing the Thesis Oral Defense.

2. After revision and formatting (if needed), the complete Thesis / Dissertation need to be uploaded to NCKU Library E-Theses Dissertation System. It will normally take three to five

working days to verify your thesis/ dissertation’s format.

English link: http://etds.lib.ncku.edu.tw/en/etdsystem/submit/submitLogin

You can choose whether your thesis are able to be accessed by others or not. You can fill out the form or choose the desired option while submit the thesis to NCKU library. (http://goo.gl/Ni5aZZ)

3.  After your E-Thesis is verified, you will get information regarding two authorization forms from the library to your email.  Go to E-Theses Dissertation System and print out the Digital

Thesis On-Line Authorization Form.

4. Login to Online Application System for Graduation (http://campus1.ncku.edu.tw/leave) using the same ID and password with NCKU portal and library, fill out the “Graduate Survey” and

the “Questionnaire on the Core Abilities for Graduates”. Afterward print out the “Graduation checklist” and complete the relevant verification procedures.

5. Please note that once printing out the "Graduation Procedure Form", you are not allowed to borrow books from NCKU Library.

6. Return all borrowed books, equipment and make sure there’s no unpaid fee.7. \Fill out the Institute of International Business questionnaire for Graduates.


7. Please submit the "Full Report on Plagiarism Check" and "Thesis Plagiarism Check Declaration" on the IB website, mail English Proficient Test Result to the Office of Institute of International Business(em53500@email.ncku.edu.tw). 

8.  Master and Doctoral graduates need to prepare the following required documents and go to the IB Office before you complete the 1-7:

a.     Graduation Procedure Form

b.    A hard copy paperback of the thesis

c.    Application for delayed public release of thesis/dissertation  (NOT necessary)

d.    NCKU IB - Application for embargo (NOT necessary)

e.    Clean the research rooms

f.    Return the lab key

9. Afterward, Master and Doctoral graduates need to prepare the following required document and go to the library 1st floor counter

a.  Graduation Procedure Form

b. Student ID

c.  A hardcover thesis/ dissertation , signed of “NCKU Digital Thesis On-line Authorization Form” and “Authorization to National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in

Taiwan” (http://eserver.lib.ncku.edu.tw/fpdf/index.php)

10. To complete the graduate process, bring the following document to Registrar’s Office Counter 9:

a. Graduation Procedure Form

b. Student ID

c. 2 photos with graduation gown for Chinese and English Diploma