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Program size

30 students

Admission requirements

Applications will be considered according to the following selection criteria:



Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia


Educational background

(1)   An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or a diploma equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

(2)   An applicant who is expected to obtain the official diploma by July 2021 can still apply. The official diploma must be submitted as soon as it is issued.



An applicant must include a transcript of a bachelor’s degree in the application materials.



(1)   English: Good communication, writing and reading skills in English. It is required to take an English language proficiency test and provide the test result in the application.

(2)   Chinese: Basic Chinese ability will be a plus.



A health report certified by a Certified doctor/medical professional will be required when one applies for the visa to Taiwan. If one fails the examination, her/his visa application may be rejected and lead to disqualification for the scholarship program. The one who falls into one of the following categories will be disqualified, and her/his scholarship will be cancelled:

(1)   The applicant who is tested positive on drugs.

(2)   The applicant with health concerns to the extent that she/he is unable to pursue study in Taiwan.

Scholarship benefits

1.     The scholarship will cover tuition fees, course credit fees, monthly allowance, student insurance fee and national health insurance fee, accommodation, airfare, visa application fee, Chinese language training, and internship.


(1) The airfare covers a one-way economy class flight ticket from the home country to Taiwan and a one-way economy class flight ticket from Taiwan back to the home country after students complete the program successfully.

(2) International travel insurance is NOT covered.

2.     After completing this program, students will have a chance to become an employee in CUB local branches in home countries and the minimum term of the employment contract is 3 years.

Period of scholarship

From August 2021 to July 2023; 2 years in total.