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National Cheng Kung University X Cathay United Bank

International Master Scholarship Program



Under the Taiwan New Southbound Policy, the financial industry plays a key role as a driving force to assist other industries in Taiwan to enter foreign markets. Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as CUB) was founded in 1975, and now it is one of the major banks in Taiwan. CUB has possessed a strong foothold in the Taiwan market, and is aiming to reach out to other countries, such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and so on. CUB provides banking services not only to individual customers but also to Taiwanese and foreign companies. To cultivate talents for overseas markets, CUB is working with National Cheng Kung University (hereafter referred to as NCKU) to develop the "NCKU X CUB International Master Scholarship Program."

This program aims to develop the international talents that satisfy the need from CUB foreign branches. Therefore, it focuses on equipping students with knowledge and management abilities necessary to work in the financial industry. The course arrangement centers around main issues in the international business management, while helping students get to know the CUB’s corporate culture. This program also includes one-year practices in CUB to enhance students’ practical skills. During that training period, CUB will assign mentors and staffs to help students understand more about the bank operations.

You can also learn the latest information on the Cathay Asia facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Cathay-Asia-100312582064560)


One-minute quick review of this program

       NCKU X CUB master program



 Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia ONLY



 NCKU X CUB International Master Scholarship (almost fully sponsored from CUB)


 Study period

 2 years (2021/8-2023/7)


 Course arrangement  

 The first year of the program focuses on theoretical learning and the second year focuses on practical training.



 The first year of the program takes place at NCKU and the second year of the program at CUB





 Student's Responsibility

 After completing this program, students must work for Cathay United Bank/Cathay Financial Holdings unless the companies decide not to enter into employment with the students. Those students will become an employee of the Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. local branches in home countries and the minimum term of the employment contract is 3 years.